Lodging & Dining

Our climate-controlled Dormitory has 31 rooms, each with an occupancy of up to 8 people, for a total capacity of 248. 17 rooms are considered semi-private featuring two separate sleeping areas, each with two bunk beds. The remaining 14 rooms contain four bunk beds in one large room. 

Room and Suite Features >
  • Private toilet and shower
  • Two side-by-side sinks
  • eight gear storage cubbies. 
  • Nightlight
  • 4 handicap accessible rooms. 
  • Linens and towels available at an additional per person charge.

View Room Layout »

Additional Dormitory Amenities >

  • Climate-controlled Rooms
  • Two large lobby spaces with wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Two small multipurpose rooms with whiteboards
  • Lounge with refrigerator, microwave, sink and coffee maker.
  • First Aid Room w/AED
  • Winter/Rain Gear Check-out
  • Wireless Internet

Students with Clean PlatesFoodWISE StationFruit Platter at Scholarship Banquet Buffet at Scholarship Banquet   Desserts at Scholarship Banquet

Food service at Eagle Bluff is provided in our Dining Hall by Eagle Bluff's in-house chef and staff who are committed to continually evolving our food service program to improve service and food quality and lesson our environmental impact. In addition, All Eagle Bluff Food Service staff are Certified Food Safety Managers through the Minnesota Department of Health and the National Restaurant Association. The four goals of our dining service are:

Use sustainable, local, or organic ingredients >

Situated in one of the "sustainable farming centers" of Minnesota, Eagle Bluff has partnered with providers and producers to source many of our ingredients and at times featuring produce harvested from our own teaching garden.  Tour our teaching garden »

Create nutritious meals that are alive with flavor and prepared from scratch >

We place an emphasis on using whole-grains and limiting high-fructose corn syrup and trans-fats; and from our foccacia to our ranch dressing, scratch foods are regular feature.  Lastly, students in the K-12 Overnight Program are encouraged to sample new or different foods in our "Try-It Challenge" without an impact on their FoodWISE waste goals.

Minimize food waste >

Food is served cafeteria or buffet-style which allows guests to "take what they eat and eat what they take."  That's the motto of our FoodWISE program which offers incentives for guests who minimize their food waste. We also utilize multiple composting systems allowing us to compost food scraps from kitchen prep and guest's plates. Check out our FoodWISE program and composting systems »

Make every attempt to address food allergy and dietary needs >

From gluten to peanut-free, we have a lot of experience meeting the needs of nearly every diet. Please contact our food service director with any dietary questions you may have at 507.467.2437.