Butterflyweed at Eagle Bluff

Birthdays at the Bluff!

Climb the walls, dash for a cache, or go undercover as a Secret Agent. Eagle Bluff birthday parties provide hands-on nature-based or recreation experiences for children grades K and up!


AVAILABILITY: Weekdays & Most Weekends,
9AM - Noon & 1PM - 4PM


COST: $150 for groups of up to 15 children; includes use of party room and up to 1.5 hours of an Eagle Bluff staff-led activity.
*Except TreeTops parties - see information under Activity Options.



Activity Options >

During your Eagle Bluff party, the party room is closed to the public during your program but the building will be open and shared with other visitors and groups. Siblings who are not guests of your party, as well as parents who do not wish to remain for the duration of the party, may tour our grounds however, all children must be accompanied by an adult.





Rock Climbing  /  We'll get geared up then head up our seven routes ranging from beginner to advanced. All in a safe, controlled, indoor environment.  / A minimum of 3 adult belayers are needed.


Pond Dipping  /  Get up close and personal with the variety of critters that live in Eagle Bluff's ponds. Boots and collecting gear are provided.  /  Not available in winter


Animal Encounter  /  Some of Eagle Bluff's most popular "instructors," our team of live raptors and/or snakes, will make a visit to show off their unique features. We'll follow up with a souvenir craft.



Archery  /  Take aim at one of our indoor or outdoor ranges.  Re-curved and compound bows are available to use.


NatureCraft  /  Get inspired from nature! Sample craft projects include: paper making, origami, leaf prints, bark rubbings, and tissue paper butterflies.


Pioneering Sampler  /  Kids will saw logs, start a fire with flint and steel, thresh wheat, and make soda bread just like the pioneers did!  These are just some of the activities that will be sampled at our recreated pioneer homestead.



Owl Pellets  /  Dissect an owl pellet to find bones or anything else the owl has eaten then use the bones to piece together to discover the identity of their prey. ($3.00 charge per pellet, 1-2 students per pellet)  /  Add a visit from one of our Raptors!


Survival  /  Kids will test their survival competence by prioritizing a list of supplies, constructing a shelter, building a fire, conserving limited resources, and guarding against the elements.  Who will survive?  /  Add S'mores roasted at one of our campfires for an extra treat!


Secret Agents  /  This activity is like “Telephone” where one person passes information about the design of an object through a chain of “agents” to a builder. Practice teamwork and communication skills as you work together in spy-op teams to obtain valuable "top secret" information.



EB Olympics  /  Kids will compete in games like tug-of-war, thumb wrestling, cracker whistling, logic tests, charades, animal taboo, tree I. D. Who will be left holding the gold?


Geocaching  /  GPS skills are put to the test on our outdoor “Murder Mystery Course.” Kids will navigate through the woods in search of hidden caches to solve the mystery of who killed Marvin the Mouse.


Tree Tops Challenge Course* - $300 /  Meet the challenge and see the Root River Valley from new heights on our famous ropes!  * This activity takes three hours to complete and may only be reserved by groups numbering over 15 -OR- smaller groups willing to pay the cost of 15 people. For groups smaller than 15, we also recommend you reserve a spot during our Summer Treetops Challenge days. In addition, dining/snack service is unavailable with this activity. See events calendar >  

Food & Snack Options >

Pizza (8 pieces):

Cheese  - $8

One Meat (Pepperoni OR Sausage) - $10

Snacks: - $1/person 
Chex Mix (nut free)
Fresh Fruit (ex. apples, oranges, bananas, grapes)
String Cheese
Baby Carrots
Goldfish Crackers
Fruit Snacks
Baked Chips

Ice Cream Sandwiches


Beverages: - $0.50/person - Served in drink coolers.
Fruit Drink
Apple Juice

Water - Free

Parent Responsibilities >

Arrival & Set-up


  • Please arrive up to 20 minutes early to set up and greet guests.
  • We provide and set up tables and chairs, and ask that you provide all party supplies (food, drinks, tablecloths, plates, cups, and silverware, as needed). Please note that Eagle Bluff kindly requests that you use environmentally-friendly items that have minimal packaging and, if possible, are made of recycled or recyclable materials. 
  • Food must be prepared in advance as there is no cooking on site. A refrigerator, freezer, small microwave, toaster oven and sink are available for your convenience.


  • Clean up after the scheduled end of the party which includes washing used tables, sweeping/vacuuming, and returning tables and chairs back into original spots.
Refunds and Cancellations >

Birthday Party Refund Policy:  There are no refunds for cancellations made after Tuesday of the week prior to the date of the party and the fee will be considered a donation. For cancellations prior to that date, a 90% refund will be given. 

Release Forms >

MedRelease Form >

*required for anyone participating in the TreeTops High Ropes Course or Rock Clibing.