East Treetops

Our Group Coordinator can work with you to plan a visit that meets your group's needs. All classes are from two to three hours in length depending on class size and conditions and led by Eagle Bluff's knowledgeable staff.  Classes are kept to 20-24 people but we are able to offer multiple sessions of the same experience to accommodate larger groups.


Level of Physical Activity:       

= Low (Minimal endurance/strength needed)

= Medium (Few hills &/or moderate endurance/strength)

= High (Steep Hills &/or endurance/strength needed)


.22 Rifles - Offered April-Nov.  Try your hand at a popular shooting sport among both novices and experts alike. At our outdoor range, your Eagle Bluff instructor will cover the basics of .22 rifle equipment, shooting techniques and safety. No shooting experience necessary. NOTE: This activity requires participants to walk to the shooting range a quarter mile up and down a gravel trail.  ♥


Air Rifle - Offered All Year. Takeaim inside Eagle Bluff’s indoor range. Air rifles provide a great first step to shooting. Eagle Bluff staff will cover the basics of air rifle equipment, shooting techniques and safety. No shooting experience necessary.  ♥


Archery - Offered All Year.  Recurved and compound bows. Hands-on target practice and friendly competition will round out this activity. Indoor and outdoor ranges will be utilized depending on weather conditions.  ♥


Cross Country Skiing - Offered January through mid-March (conditions permitting).  Skiing is an excellent way to observe the beauty of bluff country’s winter landscape. Participants will learn the correct fitting and usage of equipment, and a few skill techniques before hitting our beginner or advanced trails. Skis, poles, and boots provided.  ♥♥ or ♥♥♥


GPS Pathfinders - Offered All Year.  Use your GPS receiver or smartphone to practice finding waypoints then tackle one of Eagle Bluff’s Geocaching courses. The Campus Course has participants visiting interesting points around Eagle Bluff’s campus. The “Murder Mystery” Course takes you through the woods of Eagle Bluff in attempts to solve the mystery of Marvin the Mouse’s death! GPS units provided. Campus Course- Beg. ♥♥   Murder Mystery Course- Adv. ♥♥♥


Group Challenges - Offered All Year.  Participants will be faced with a variety of challenges designed to foster team cooperation and personal character development. The class begins inside with a series of warm-up activities focusing on communication, trust, problem solving, and cooperation. The group will then move outside to our Group Challenge course which contains a series of 12 wooden and low wire events nestled in the woods. The class instructor will customize this experience, matching the class challenges to the group’s dynamics and skill. Finally, the group will process the experience to reflect on how the skills practiced in this class have a direct impact on their everyday lives. Minimum group size of 10 preferred.    ♥♥


Orienteering I/II - Offered All Year. Participants will navigate Eagle Bluff’s wooded orienteering course after learning the history of a compass and practicing inside. Orienteering II pairs compass use AND a map for a more challenging orienteering experience. Orienteering I♥♥, Orienteering II = ♥♥♥


River Canoeing - Offered during safe weather and river conditions. Paddle 3.5 miles of scenic waters down the mighty Root River!  Trained instructors will prepare paddlers for their adventure by reviewing reading a river, equipment and paddle strokes.  All groups will be asked to select an alternate class in case of high water or inclement weather conditions. NOTE: This class requires participants to walk a quarter mile up and down steep gravel trails and uneven ground carrying equipment.  ♥♥♥


Rock Climbing - Offered All Year.  Learn the fundamentals of rock climbing as you work to reach your climbing goals on our 30 foot-high wall. Participants will also learn how to control climbing ropes (belay) then act as belayers for each other.   ♥♥


Blufflands Nature Hike - Offered All Year.  Southeast Minnesota offers some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the state. Hike around Eagle Bluff’s scenic campus with one of our knowledgeable instructors as they highlight the features that make the Blufflands unique. ♥-♥♥♥  depending on route.

Snowshoe Hike - Offered January through mid-March (conditions permitting).
Get geared up by reviewing snowshoe fit and proper dress then enjoy a scenic hike along the bluffs of the Root River in one of humankind’s oldest inventions!    Each hike includes a theme and route which will be determined by snow conditions, group needs and staff expertise.   ♥♥ or ♥♥♥

Tree Tops High Ropes - Offered All Year.  This confidence building experience promotes personal growth and strengthens group bonds. Participants will maneuver 30 feet in the air through a series of towers connected by various cable, rope, and log elements. The course itself presents a safe atmosphere that encourages participants to recognize and confront their fears. At least ONE participant will be needed UP & ON the course for the duration of the class. Course Skill Level: West Course = Beginner, East Course = Intermediate, South Course = Advanced.  ♥♥ or ♥♥♥


WINTER SURVIVAL- Offered November-March. Participants are placed in an imaginary survival situation to develop wilderness skills and understand the need for teamwork and positive mental attitude. The class will test their survival competence by prioritizing a list of supplies, constructing a shelter, building a fire, and guarding against the elements. Are you are survivor? ♥


Meals and meeting spaces may also be available for your group in our Dining Hall, picnic areas, or Discovery Center.  Please inquire about availability and pricing. 


One Three-Hour Class: $25 per person

Additional Three-Hour Class: $10 per person

Note: There is a $375 minimum charge for all adult classes.

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