Raptors at Eagle Bluff

Live Raptor Program Outreach at Eagle BluffRaptors: Birds of Prey

Meet our feathered instructors!  This program features a combination of three of our four live birds of prey-a red tailed hawk, a barred owl, an American kestrel or a turkey vulture. This educational program is tailored to meet your group's needs whether it is a group of youth or adults.   Meet our Raptors! >


Capacity: Up to 200 people


StarLab at Eagle Bluff

STARLAB Inflatable Planetarium

Features an inflatable planetarium to showcase 3,000 stars of different colors and sizes, as well as the constellations. Whether it's telling the stories behind the stars or focusing on the stars of the seasons, this program is great for all ages and addresses Minnesota K-8 academic standards. 


Capacity:  About 60 students or 30 adults


$250, plus mileage if located

over 30 miles from Eagle Bluff

(0.45 cents per mile). 



Each additional similar program: $125

Each additional similar program: $75


An extra $50 fee for temporary exhibition permit will be charged, along with any additional charges  required for permit application (i.e. vet visits). If you are scheduling a program in Wisconsin, it must be done at least two months in advance to obtain correct permitting on time.