Trip Journal

Here are a few directions and suggestions on how to make the Eagle Bluff journal best fit your needs:


  • Be creative! Change the order, edit pages, add pages of your own!
  • Please save paper by copying on both sides.
  • All pages are in .pdf format.
  • If you have questions about the journal please email
Teachers Manual

The Teacher Manual include tips for helping with journals as well as teacher’s keys for crossword puzzles and word finds.


Download Manual

Student Journal Contents
Fun Pages Day Class Pages
An assortment of activities and reflections that provide a framework of reflection for your Eagle Bluff experience. Day Class, Naturalist, and Evening Activity pages can be inserted among these pages. Use as many or a few as you like. You may use the Generic Day Class form for your classes -OR- print out Specific Day Class pages written to the classes you are taking. You will need one page per night you are at Eagle Bluff.

My Feelings about Eagle Bluff

En Route to Eagle Bluff

Bus Games

My Thoughts about Nature

Welcome to Eagle Bluff

The Four Respects

The Dorm

Word Find

Crossword Puzzle

My Last Day

Thinking Back

My EB Memories

"New Me" Pledge

Thank You's

Cover Page

Blank Page



Animal Signs


› Archery Engineers

Beginning Orienteering

Big Freeze


Cross-country Skiing

Competitive Orienteering

Earth Exploration

Energys Potential

Forest Ecology

Fungus AmongUs

GPS Pathfinders

Group Challenges
Ice Age


Inside Energy

Karst Geology


Pioneer Life

Pond Life

River Canoeing

Rock Climbing

Root River Hike


Stream Lab

Trees and Keys

TreeTops Ropes Course

Wildlife Ecology

Winter Pond Lab

Winter Survival

Evening Activity Pages
Pages that correspond with the specific evening activities you are taking. You will need one page per night you are at Eagle Bluff.

Art in Nature


Dream Catchers

Eagle Bluff Olympics

Know Your Bluff Stuff

LEGO Simple Machines

Night Hike

Owl Pellets

Paper Making

Project Teamwork

Top Secret

Yard Games

Naturalist Program Page

A journal page designed for use with any Naturalist Program (there are no program-specific pages.) You will need one page per night you are at Eagle Bluff.


Blank Page

Eagle Bluff Trip Leaders

Eagle Bluff Parents and Chaperones

Eagle Bluff Students