Parents and Chaperones are essential for a successful trip to Eagle Bluff which they find often as rewarding for themselves as well as the students.  Read on to find out more about the Overnight Program and your role in supporting your students' trip. If you have any questions regarding your students experiences or role as a chaperone, please contact your students teacher/group leader or our K-12 Overnight Coordinator at: [email protected]

The K-12 Overnight Program & Your Child's Visit

Eagle Bluff is not a camp, but rather an accredited, special function outdoor school with a staff of licensed teachers and highly trained naturalists. The program in which your students are participating is part of their school curriculum with academic content as well as life skills that can foster a sense of community and understanding through students’ interactions with peers and teachers. 

Classes & Activities

Eagle Bluff's classes are three-hours in length and are led by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who get to know each student by name. Our staff all have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in science, teaching, or the environment and many are participating in an a post-graduate training program. Meet our Staff >


Our curriculum is written to Minnesota's Academic Standards with a focus on STEM concepts and life skills and we utilize hands-on, experiential teaching methods to engage students in their learning. Oh, and every class (except Rock Climbing) is taught outside, in nature's classroom! Click on this link to view video sneak peeks of a few of our classes >  


Your student will also participate in resource conservation programs such as the Eagle Eye and FoodWISE programs where students will be challenged to earn awards based on their conservation efforts. Visit the K-12 Overnight Page for more info >

Dining & Lodging

Good nutrition and a comfortable night’s rest are critical to good learning.  Meals are served cafeteria style featuring a main entree, a selection of side dishes, salad bar, and fresh fruit for each lunch and dinner. At breakfast, an entree and a side, as well as fresh fruit and cereal are available.  Our kitchen staff are able to accommodate most people with special dietary needs.  It is necessary to communicate any medically diagnosed dietary conditions or needs of anyone in your group BEFORE your arrival at Eagle Bluff otherwise any information not communicated may not be able to be accommodated during your stay. Contact us with any diagnosed dietary condition such as a life-threatening allergy or intolerance or need for an alternate option such as a vegetarian or vegan meal at [email protected]. Also note that food may be offered during classes and all food offered in classes is optional.  Instructors should be aware and communicate the top 5 allergens present in class food.  If there is an airborn or contact allergy (verses ingestion allergy) the school should make Eagle Bluff aware ahead of time and the activity will be omitted from class.

About 75% of a K-12 Overnight experience will occur outdoors. Balancing that, we have indoor classrooms and activity areas and comfortable dorm rooms. Each individual dorm room houses eight and has its own cubby storage, double sink, bathroom, shower, and nightlight.

See Photos of the Dormitory& Dining Hall >

Contacting Your Student

PHONE MESSAGES: Students are not permitted to use phones unless authorized by the coordinating teacher also please DO NOT send cell phones with your student as they are a major distraction for outdoor experiences and may be easily lost.  If necessary to reach someone at Eagle Bluff, the main telephone line at (507) 467-2437 is answered Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please note, the person you are trying to reach may be temporarily unavailable if participating in our programming but we will contact them as soon as possible. From 4:30-9:00 p.m., a voice mail system may respond to your call. This system is monitored regularly and messages will be delivered at 9:00 p.m. After 9:00 pm, our voice mail system will direct you to leave a message which will be delivered first thing in the morning.


EMAIL: Email your messages to: [email protected]. Please be judicious with this option as this email is shared by all who receive email at Eagle Bluff.


SNAIL MAIL: Letters and packages can be sent to your student at the following address. Mail and non-emergency messages will be delivered at dinner each evening. Please do not send candy or any other items on the "Do Not Bring" list, as they will be removed from the child's possession.

Student's NAME & SCHOOL
c/o Eagle Bluff ELC
28097 Goodview Drive
Lanesboro, MN 55949


In Case of EXTREME Emergency: After hours, our voice mail system will direct you to an on-site emergency contact number - please use this number for emergencies only. If you must immediately contact a visitor during the night, contact our Executive Director at (507) 467-2928 and explain your emergency. As a final option, you may also contact the Fillmore County Sheriff's Department at (507) 765-3874. They will notify Eagle Bluff staff directly and see that your message is delivered promptly.

Student Safety & Supervision

Student safety is our highest priority. Supervision by chaperones, maintaining a well-trained staff, and providing access to medical needs are ways Eagle Bluff helps keep kids safe and comfortable.


  • Our Staff: All of our instructors are over 21 years of age, undergo background checks, and are held to the highest professional standards. All equipment used in our programs is checked and replaced regularly.
  • Student Supervision: Chaperone supervision of students is necessary at all times.Eagle Bluff requires a minumum of a 1:10 chaperone to student ratio. They are supervised as they travel to and from classes, during all evening activities, during meal times and free times, and any time they are in the dorm.
  • Adult Identification: All adults to approach with questions or concerns will be wearing identification.  Eagle Bluff staff will be wearing nametags; teachers and parent chaperones are requested to wear their School ID.
  • Keypad Door Lock: The main entrance to the dormitory is fitted with a keypad door lock. All doors will be locked from 10pm to 6am with the only access during those hours through the keypad door. Each school will be given their own keypad access code before their arrival at Eagle Bluff and it is their responsibility to distribute it to the appropriate persons as they see fit.
  • First Aid and Emergencies: Eagle Bluff maintains a First Aid room with medical supplies and an AED however, each group is encouraged to bring their own medical supplies. All Eagle Bluff staff are trained in First Aid/CPR and many of our staff are First Responders or EMT's. To facilitate the best medical care at Eagle Bluff, make it a priority to send pertinant medications with your students. This includes any "as needed" medications like nebulizers, inhalers, or epi-pens. In case of emergency, the local ambulance service has roughly a 10 minute response time to Eagle Bluff and advanced EMS is located in Rochester through the Mayo Clinic.
  • Cold Weather Guidelines: During inclement weather, Eagle Bluff personnell who are professionals and trained in cold weather interventions will assess the conditions to ensure the safety of both the students and adult chaperones.  Consideration will be given for the air temperature, wind chill, and student clothing to determine the appropriate amount of indoor/outdoor activity time for each class.  Temperatures which fall below -20° (wind or air) will greatly reduce the amount of time spent outdoors.  The -20° degree guideline is based on frostbite averages according to the Wind Chill chart from the National Weather Service. Our classes feature back-up activities Eagle Bluff instructors can draw from if outdoor activity times are reduced. 
Minnesota K-12 Education Subtraction and Credit

Minnesota offers an education subtraction and credit for families whose children participate in out-of-school enrichment programs.  Eagle Bluff qualifies as one of these programs.  The guidelines, qualifications and restrictions can be found at the MN Department of Revenue website under "Individuals",  "Taxes", then "Subtraction Credits"; or by phone at 800-652-9094.

Only the cost of instruction qualifies for a deduction. Room, board, and transportation do not qualify for the credit.  Instruction costs for the current academic year are:


3-days: $52.64

4-days: $72.85

5-day: $91.18

Chaperone Expectations

Chaperones are a vital part of any group's trip to Eagle Bluff. Our staff, the students, and their teachers count on chaperones to help make the trip a success for all. If you will be chaperoning a trip, the school's lead teacher should distribute to you the Adult Chaperone Guide which lays out your responsibilities. NOTE: All Eagle Bluff Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age.

How to be a Top-Notch Chaperone

  • Please be prepared to be present and involved in class. We hope you will enjoy actively learning along with the students. Your enthusiasm and interest in Eagle Bluff classes will spread to the students. Your participation is the best management technique.
  • The outdoors is our classroom. Please limit cell phone use to private areas such as your room, the chaperone lounge, and the parking lots.
  • Students at Eagle Bluff are expected to show respect for the environment, the instructors and fellow students. Please model this respect throughout your stay, including listening quietly during presentations, picking up any trash found along the trail, and following our recycling and FoodWISE procedures.
  • An Eagle Bluff Naturalist will lay out their expectations at the start of each class. Please be prepared to help enforce these expectations.
  • Please be prepared to act as a belayer at Rock Climbing or be willing to go up on the High Ropes course during TreeTops class.
  • You may be asked to remove a student from class for not meeting the instructor's behavior expectations.
  • Please be prepared to enforce guidelines, as laid out by your liaison, in between classes, in the dorms, and at the dining hall.
  • Please check to make sure students are wearing appropriate clothing before they leave the dorm.
  • Students will expend much energy while at Eagle Bluff. Please check in with them at meals to make sure they are eating enough food and drinking enough water.
  • You may be asked by your group's lead teacher to instruct an evening activity. All evening activities are laid out so as to be easily taught by a guest instructor. Review Evening Activities »
Tips for Surviving Your Chaperone Experience
  • A chaperone lounge is located in the Dormitory where you can take a break, store your snacks, or meet up with other chaperones.
  • Need the Net? Wireless Internet access is available in the dormitory, just ask an Eagle Bluff staff member for the password.  There is a limit to our bandwidth so be aware your connectivity may be limited if a large number of people are already connected.  The system will refresh after time. 
  • Need your caffeine? Coffee available in the dining hall or can be made in the chaperone lounge. Pop drinkers can find their fix at the pop machine next to the chaperone lounge (sorry Coke drinkers Pepsi products only).
  • Can't connect? Cell phone service may be spotty for AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile customers.  The best place to try is our upper parking lot during non-class time (and not the high ropes course).
  • Forget your mittens or toothpaste? There is a gear closet located in the dormitory where you may check-out loaner winter clothing. Toiletries are available for purchase at the Dorm office.


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Eagle Bluff isn’t only a good place to make new friends but to learn more about your old friends.