Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center Location

What is Eagle Bluff? 

We are a residential environmental learning center which means we
are like a school and a camp and a nature center.  Our campus is located in Lanesboro, Minnesota.  That's here! →


 We believe that together we can make a difference by connecting people to the natural world through experiential learning and positive outdoor experiences.  We do this through lots of different programs but our most popular is the trip that you are about to take with your school or group. 

What you get to do...

Click on the images to see some of things you may experience on your trip!

K-12 Overnight Trip Sneak Peek

TreeTops Sneak Peek

Animal Signs Sneak Peek
Pioneer Life Sneak Peek
Tree Tops High Ropes at Eagle Bluff Animal Signs Class at Eagle Bluff Pioneer Life Class at Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff Meet the Staff

Who teaches you...

Every one of your Eagle Bluff instructors has been to college and graduated

with a teaching, science or environmental degree. They have lots of experience working with students and work to make your classes interesting, full-o-information, hands-on and fun.  And not to mention...outdoors!   Meet the Staff »

Where you get to stay...

You will be staying in our dormitory. Your school might not be the only school here, so we ask that you please be respectful of each group and the shared space. The dorms of Eagle Bluff have beds for 8 people. Each room is same gender only and your teacher will make room assignments prior to your stay.

The dorm rooms have:


  • four bunkbeds,
  • a spacious cubby space to hang up all your stuff,
  • a separate private shower and bathroom in your room,
  • and a nightlight, if needed.

We ask that you leave your iPods and cell phones at home, but don't forget a sleeping bag or blanket. Not sure what to bring? › Download the packing list (pdf) 

Visiting in Winter? Watch our "How to not be Frozen at Eagle Bluff" Video!

Where & what you get to eat...

When you get to the dining hall you will see that we serve meals cafeteria style...you get to go through the food line and tell the servers what you would like (or not like) to eat.  There is always a salad or breakfast bar too if you don't prefer what's offered for a main dish.  Sometimes we have pizza, sometimes chicken nuggets, sometimes tacos...but when you come, be sure to let your liaison know if you have any special dietary needs such as gluten free, vegetarian, or food allergies. That way we can make sure we have something for you to eat.  You may also get a chance to do KP (Kitchen Party) during your stay.

Whatever we have, we try to have as much local food as possible. Eagle Bluff has a garden where we grow lots of vegetables that we use in the dining hall. We also grow our own shiitake mushrooms on site. During your stay here you might get a chance to use the garden in one of your classes.

Eagle Bluff also works to conserve our resources, such as food. While you are staying here we ask that you take just what you'll eat and eat what you take in an effort to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills. By taking only what you'll eat, composting food scraps like apple cores, and recycling materials whenever possible, together we can reduce the amount of waste in a landfill!  Learn more about the FoodWISE/Composting Program »

Pond life was fun. Correction. It was really fun! My group tried to catch a turtle, caught tadpoles with our bare hands, petted some frogs, and studied a damselfly under a microscope.