Trip Leader Planning Information

All overnight trip leaders are required to read the following planning materials in their entirety. Please contact our Group Coordinator with any questions.


Education Credits for Teachers

In cooperation with Southeast Service Cooperative, Eagle Bluff is able to offer Continuing Education Units to teachers taking part in our classes as part of their school's residential program.Teachers can request up to 18 CEUs for a 3 day stay and up to 36 CEUs for a 5 day stay. There is no charge to the teacher!


To Receive Continuing Education Units:


  1. Complete CEU form and return it to your liasion while you are at Eagle Bluff or send it via post soon after your visit.
  2. Eagle Bluff staff completes the Eagle Bluff section of the form and sends the form to Southeast Service Cooperative (SSC) at the end of each month.
  3. SSC will approve the CEU's.
  4. Your approved CEU form will be mailed back to you.

Download the Continuing Education Unit Form (pdf)

In planning for an Eagle Bluff experience, the trip planner/leader will work with Eagle Bluff’s Group Coordinator to create an itinerary specially designed for your school. We will work to incorporate each schools individual philosophies or academic needs such as STEM principles, units of inquiry, learner attributes, academic standards or classroom management technique. As an additional way to reinforce your trip with your students, Eagle Bluff provides resources such as pre/post activities which complement your classes.






Visiting in Winter? Help your students learn how to dress for the the cold by watching this video!