East Treetops

Every Gift Has a Face...

We're a non-profit who relies on believers like you who help us empower people to care for the earth and each other. This is extremely important, especially now, when our connections to the earth its people seem at their widest. THE best way to do this is through transformative experiences like the one you saw above.


We believe that is the right of every individual to experience and learn in this environment. Because of this, we keep our costs as low as possible. We charge only $116 per student for an all-inclusive three day, two-night experience. We also provide scholarships so no child is denied this experience. 


Your gift helps over 15,000 learners of all ages connect with the environment every year at Eagle Bluff. You are creating leaders for tomorrow. Each student takes back to their hometowns, big and small, all they learned at Eagle Bluff. They change their behaviors, become leaders, and share what they learned; THAT is the Eagle Bluff Effect. Visit our Financials page to see where your gifts are being put to work »