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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my camper has special dietary requirements?

Eagle Bluff’s kitchen can cater for campers with special dietary requirements, like allergies or vegetarian preferences.  Just make sure to clearly indicate your camper’s needs on their medical or registration forms. Our campus is peanut free.

Does my camper get to go on a ropes course?

Yes! Each of our camps will have an opportunity to do a ropes course at some point throughout the week.

How do I make sure my child and their friend room together at camp?

On the registration form, there is a place for you to indicate your child's roommate preferences. The Summer Camps Coordinator will make sure that they are placed together.

If your child isn't coming with a roommate, they will be placed in a room with children similar in age.

How does the Early Bird registration work?

Your child's camp registration qualifies for the discounted, Early Bird rate as long as they are registered by April 15th. Registration is completed by paying either the deposit OR the full payment. If you only pay the deposit while registering, the remaining, discounted payment is due at camp check-in, but may be turned in at any time prior to the camp start date.

What's the difference between Firearms Safety Camp and Forkhorn I Camp?

The Firearms Safety Camp focuses mainly on completing your child's Firearms Safety Certification. They will attend classes and complete activities that fulfill the certification process and go to our ranges to complete the field day portion. They will get to go on a ropes course while at camp, for fun. No extra preparation is needed before camp starts. 

Campers may also use the Forkhorn I camp to complete their Firearms Safety Certification, but the week-long camp has many more "summer camp-like" activities. If they want to complete their certification, they must complete the online portion of the certification process prior to the start of camp. They will do the field day portion while here, along with a few other hunting related activities to supplement the online lessons. The rest of the time they will be in and out of many other activities: canoeing, archery, a high ropes course, an overnight camp-out, rock climbing, and more.

How do I get to Eagle Bluff?

See Maps & Directions Page »

What's on the packing list for my child's camp?

A packet will be sent out in the mail to the camper and their parents about one month before camp starts. It includes all of the info you'll need to prepare for camp! The packets will also be online on our Camp Forms page about one month prior to the start date of each camp.

Does my camper get to swim?

Depending on the camp, swimming occurs in the Root River, or in a State Park lake.  When swimming where no lifeguard is present, all campers will be wearing a personal flotation device. There will also be set boundaries and adults with throw bags in case a camper requires assistance.

How do I contact my camper during the week?

You are encouraged to correspond with your camper by emailing to [email protected] (please put your camper's name in the subject line) or if you wish to send a letter to your camper, address it as follows:

Your Camper's Name
Name of Camp
Eagle Bluff ELC
28097 Goodview Drive
Lanesboro, MN 55949

If your camper is attending an Eagle Bluff camp with an outside group, please use [email protected] for email contact.

What happens if my child is injured?

Every staff member has, at a minimum, current First Aid and CPR certifications. We also have individuals who are certified Emergency Medical Technicians, Wilderness First Response, and/or Wilderness Advanced First Aid. Minor injuries (i.e. scrapes and bruises) will be treated by staff in our well equipped first aid room. If any injury requiring more than basic first aid occurs, we will contact the parents immediately. In case of such an injury, we take the camper to a medical clinic in Preston or to St. Mary's Emergency Room in Rochester. If need be, both an ambulance out of Lanesboro and the Mayo helicopter can be at Eagle Bluff in approximately 10 minutes.

Do I need to send money with my camper?

We encourage campers not to bring money.  There are no vending machines available to the campers.  We open the gift shop on the last day of camp when parents come to pick up campers, thus there will be an opportunity for them to purchase a souvenir.

Do I need to send snacks with my camper?

No; everything campers need, including snacks, will be provided by Eagle Bluff. This is also to prevent a food allergy reaction. If campers bring food or drinks with to camp, it will be held in the office during camp and returned to campers when they leave. (Considerations are made for those campers with medical needs.)

Can my camper bring his/her cell phone?

No; we ask that cell phones stay at home.  Campers are only allowed to use a telephone in the case of an emergency.  If the staff deems a phone call home necessary, they will help the camper use an Eagle Bluff phone to contact their parent/guardian.

What about other electronics?

We ask that NO electronics, including tablets, smart watches, handheld video game systems, or iPods, are brought to Eagle Bluff.  Not only do they detract from the camp experience, we cannot guarantee their safe keeping in the dormitory.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations made at least 15 days prior to the start of camp will receive a full refund less the deposit. Cancellations made less than 15 days will be charged the full amount.