Tents at Shiitake

Where do campers play?


Campers will be up and down our campus throughout their different activities! They'll be tackling one of our three high ropes courses, scrambling up our 40 foot rock wall, and shooting arrows at the range. Beyond that, each camp specializes in different activities, such as shooting at the rifle range or exploring the ponds for frogs and turtles.

Where do campers sleep?


Campers spend their nights in our climate-controlled dormitory. Friends that come to camp together will be housed in the same room. On duty staff members sleep nearby in case they are needed in the night. As an added bonus, many of our camps also include a one or two night camp-out!

Where do campers eat?


The majority of meals take place in our dining hall, where the emphasis is on using local, sustainable ingredients, creating nutritious, kid-friendly meals, and minimizing food waste. We make every attempt to meet any food allergy or dietary needs. Each camp also has at least one meal (often more!) over the campfire.


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