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Registering for Eagle Bluff Summer Camps

We're excited to see you're ready to register for an Eagle Bluff Summer Camp! 


> REGISTER ONLINE (preferred)* via our Eventbrite page. If you register online, you will be able to immediately hold your child's registration spot in the camp as soon as you complete the online form.


> REGISTER BY MAIL via paper registration form. The registration is not confirmed until you receive an email from the Summer Camps Coordinators. This is often an option preferred by Sponsoring Organizations.*


* If your child is receiving a scholarship to attend an Eagle Bluff Summer Camp, please check with the organization to see what registration method they prefer.

Registering Online

In the Registration Information box below, select the camp/s for which you would like to register your child/ren. You may have to scroll down within the box to view the camp you're looking for. Once selected, scroll all the way to the bottom and click the green "Register" button.

You will notice that there is a fee associated with the payments. This is a credit card processing fee that Eventbrite charges for using their registration system. (You can register by mail if you'd like to avoid the fee, just please keep in mind that the registration is not confirmed until you receive an email from the Summer Camps Coordinators via Eventbrite.)


Discount Codes:
>Returning Camper 5% Discount: your camper's 2017 code is sent with the camp brochure and via email in January of 2018. You are allowed to use the code once for every week your child/ren attended summer camp. If you plan on registering for additional camps, you will have to register separately for each camp to pay the correct amount.
>Multi Camp Discount: Use the code MultiCamp when more than three camps are attended by members of the same household. You are eligible to receive $15 off for each camp registration.  If you are using only this code, you do not need to register for each camp separately.
**If you plan on using both discount codes, please register by mail. If you have concerns about holding your camper's reservation, you may email [email protected].
To use a code, click "Enter promotional code" directly underneath the top blue Registration rectangle below. The discount will be applied to the applicable camps (all but Firearms Safety). If you opt to pay just the deposit now, the 5% returning camp discount will be applied to the remaining payment as well.
The Eventbrite charge will appear on your statement as EB *2018 Eagle Bluff S.

Registering via Mail

Print and complete the PDF Version of our registration form and mail it in with the payment to the Summer Camps Coordinator.


Thank you for the great learning experience, I had the time of my life. I hope other people that come can have the great experience I had.