Butterflyweed at Eagle Bluff

Hiking & Ski Trails

Eagle Bluff has 9 miles of hiking and 3 miles of groomed ski trails for you to enjoy (although feel free to ski on any of our hiking trails as well)!  A tour around Eagle Bluff's nearly 100 acres and across adjoining public lands will take you from riverbottom to blufftop to tallgrass prairie. Trails are open dawn to dusk.

Geocaching Course

Geocaching at Eagle Bluff is free and open to the public all year round!


Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS unit. For more information visit geocaching.com.


What you will need:


  • A GPS unit or smartphone. For more information on how to use your smartphone to geocache click here.
  • Cache Coordinates
  • Boots or sturdy footwear for hiking.

Eagle Bluff has 12 public geocaches hidden around the campus for visitors to find. The contents of each cache reveal fun facts about Eagle Bluff and encourage you to participate in a brief activity relating to each location.  If you are a member of geocaching.com you can find Eagle Bluff's cache information here.


1. Insert the following coordinates into your GPS device:  N 43° 45.602, W 092° 00.368

2. Locate this first cache; inside you will find directions on how to access the rest of Eagle Bluff’s caches.

3. Have fun!


Geocaching Rules and Ethics


  • Tread lightly on the land so you minimize the impact of your activity on the environment. All of Eagle Bluff’s caches have been placed above the ground and in relatively well-traveled areas.
  • Never remove a cache or relocate it even a little bit. Leave the cache exactly how you found it so others can have the fun of finding it too!
  • Be considerate of others and avoid causing disruptions in activities in session.