Butterflyweed at Eagle Bluff

Professional Naturalist Fellowship Participants

Fellowship Naturalists 2017-2018

Back row: Erica Hall (Graduate Naturalist), Marissa Olson, Henry Whitehead, Nicky Yaneff, Robert Schmidt, Kathleen Hackett

Front row: Britt Bublitz, Lara Ruegg, Marlo Stein, Janie Allen, Jamie Witherby, Lindsay McCord (Graduate Naturalist)

Program Coordinators / Educators


Brent Anderson, Bridget Tonne, Colleen Foehrenbacher, Gretchen Engstrom, Jeff Boland, Jenna Moon, Jennie Dieterman, Sara Sturgis

Administrative Staff     


Joe Deden, Doc Schoepski, Sally Jeske, Sheila Fishbaugher. Not Pictured: Kelly Breitsprecher

Food Service Staff

Nate Grabau, Sara McCallson, Virginia Kesler
(Not Pictured) Zacc Wead, Jelon Hoagie, Pam Flattum


Housekeeping & Maintenance Staff


Susie Bradley, Marty Johnson (Not Pictured), Wade Rentschler (Not Pictured)

Board of Directors

Bethany Krom 

Lanesboro, MN

Ian Scheerer

Red Wing, MN
Vice President

Carol Lammers

Rochester, MN

Richard Nethercut 

Preston, MN

Charlie Brown
Bay City, WI
Lynn Brown
Bay City, WI

Jeff Burns
Wabasha, MN


Bruce Frutiger

Rochester, MN

Danny Garcia
Rochester, MN

Danae Gaio
Rochester, MN
Katie Halvorson
Winona, MN

Dave Kolbert

Rochester, MN

Joel Mielke
Preston, MN

Mike Rapatz
Minneapolis, MN

Ed Todd

Rochester, MN

Kerry Todd

Rochester, MN

Natasha Yates

Red Wing, MN





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The nature lovers, green thumbs, science buffs and outdoors enthusiasts you see here make up our dedicated staff and board.  They are a talented lot who strive each day to make Eagle Bluff the best in the field (and forest)!