Butterflyweed at Eagle Bluff
Privacy Policy

Eagle Bluff's website, in fact all Eagle Bluff's programs, are designed around respect. We learn the names of students and program participants here because we feel it is one way to show our respect for them. Our student Code of Conduct revolves around the concept of respect. Indeed, respect is the concept at the core of such ideals as ethical behavior, stewardship, and environmentalism. Your use of our website and the services it provides is subject to that same concept of respect. We will not use persistent cookies to identify you or to gain information about you. The only information about you that we will gain is information you provide freely and knowledgeably. With that information, we may continue to contact you. You may ask us to stop at any time. If you provide us with credit card information, you can be assured that it will be handled on secure lines and that no one but You, Eagle Bluff, and your credit card company will know what transpired. Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good. As a donor or member, you recognize the value in what Eagle Bluff offers and it what Eagle Bluff hopes for the future. To show our respect for your wishes and privacy, Eagle Bluff adopted the following Donor Bill of Rights. This Bill of Rights was recommended and published by National Society of Fund Raising Executives (NSFRE), 1993.

You Have The Right:

  1. To be informed about Eagle Bluff's mission, the way Eagle Bluff intends to use donated resources, and of its capacity to use donations effectively for intended purposes.
  2. To be informed of the identity of those serving on Eagle Bluff's Board of Directors, and to expect the Board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.
  3. To have access to the organizations most recent financial statements.
  4. To be assured your gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.
  5. To receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition, if you wish. Your stated desire to remain anonymous will be respected.
  6. To be assured that information about your donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.
  7. To expect that all relationships with individuals representing Eagle Bluff will be professional in nature.
  8. To be informed whether those seeking donations are volunteers, employees, or hired solicitors.
  9. To have the opportunity for your name to be deleted from any mailing lists.
  10. To feel free to ask questions when making a donation and to receive prompt, truthful, and forthright answers.

Eagle Bluff Respects Your Privacy:

  • Eagle Bluff will not share it's mailing lists or databases with any other organizations for any reason.
  • Eagle Bluff will send occasional membership reminders, requests for donations, and information about special programs unless you ask us not to.
  • Eagle Bluff keeps all information on program participants, both youth and adults, on file for two years. This information is kept in a secure location. Access to the information is limited to staff with a reason acceptable to the Executive Director. Information about youth participants in Eagle Bluff's programs is kept confidential under the requirements of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This information is accessible to the students' parents, both custodial and non-custodial. This information is shared with medical or law enforcement professionals in case of emergencies.
  • Individuals, families, and organizations are invited to ask any questions you may have, or to ask Eagle Bluff to stop sending newsletters and program information at any time.
Legal Info
  • Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center is a member-supported, non-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets quarterly and as needed. Eagle Bluff was incorporated as the Southeastern Minnesota Forest Resource Center in the early 1980s. The legal name, Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, Inc. was adopted and approved in October, 1997.
  • Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center also is a special function, supplemental school accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). Eagle Bluff funding comes from user fees, memberships, donations, grants, and gifts only. Eagle Bluff receives no direct funding from governmental agencies. 
  • Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, Inc., The Talon newsletter, and Eagle Bluff's flying eagle logo are trademarks of Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center.
  • None of Eagle Bluff's curricula, program information, photographs, or written documents are copyrighted. We believe in sharing whatever we develop or adapt in order to advance the profession of environmental education. We request that individuals making use of our curricula, program information, photographs, or written documents credit Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. We work diligently to identify the sources of any materials we use or adapt. If a source we use is not credited, it is because we do not know the source. We happily would add that credit and appreciate being provided with the information.